Fuji X-T20 film simulation packs for Darktable and RawTherapee

In my previous photography post, I showed you how to get Fuji X-T20 film simulations for Capture One. In this one I will show you the same but for Darktable and RawTherapee. Please note that all these styles are not only compliant with X-T20 but they can be used with... [Read More]
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Audiophile USB Cables and snakeoil

Reading a forum thread regarding “audiophile” USB cables for computer audio, I rememembered a really nice head-fi.org topic, where a forum member named svyr decided to send some questions about usb and audio to usb.org. [Read More]
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Fuji X-T20 film simulation pack for Capture One

My journey in digital photograpy started 5 months ago when I bought a Sony A6000. After a lot of searching online trying to find the best Linux RAW editors, I ended up starting learning how to use Darktable and Raw Therapee. [Read More]
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Value for money headphones for the masses (Part II)

Two months ago I wrote this article regarding all the value for money IEM and earbud headphones I had at that time. Enjoying my VE Monk Plus made me want to try more vfm earbuds and below you will find a small list of some more I bought and tested... [Read More]
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Losslessly Compressing DSD files with Wavpack

One of the biggest disadvantages of DSD files is their size. Most of the users who like DSD format, keep large SACD ISOs or split them to dsf/dff files. In both cases, the result is horrible space-wise as the majority of music albums need more than 1.5GB (only for the... [Read More]
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