DR14 T.meter - A tool to find the dynamic range of your music albums


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Dr14 T.meter is an open source command line tool that computes the dynamic range of your music files. It’s a tool that I use in order to create reports for each of my FLAC albums I have in my music library.

Installing it in Archlinux was pretty easy:

yaourt -S dr14_tmeter

In order to create a report for an album you need the following command:

dr14_tmeter /path/to/album/

What is really nice about it is that you can use it recursively in order to create dynamic range repors for multiple albums at once:

dr14_tmeter -r /path/to/album/library/

The result of these commands is a file within the album directory named dr14.txt. Here is an example of such a file:

 Analyzed: Vultures /  Artist: 1000mods
DR  Peak    RMS Duration    Title [codec]   
 DR6     -0.16 dB    -6.83 dB   5:28    01 - Claws   [flac] 
 DR6     -0.13 dB    -6.58 dB   3:46    02 - Big Beautiful   [flac] 
 DR6     -0.21 dB    -8.06 dB   6:20    03 - She     [flac] 
 DR7     -0.23 dB    -9.85 dB   3:24    04 - Horses' Green   [flac] 
 DR7     -0.23 dB    -8.22 dB   4:19    05 - Low     [flac] 
 DR6     -0.22 dB    -8.33 dB   5:03    06 - Vultures    [flac] 
 DR6     -0.18 dB    -7.57 dB   2:54    07 - Modesty     [flac] 
 DR7     -0.19 dB    -9.03 dB   6:42    08 - Reverb Of The New World     [flac] 
 Number of files:    8
 Official DR value:  DR6

 Sampling rate:          44100 Hz
 Average bitrate:        894kbs 
 Bits per sample:        16 bit

Dr14 T.meter 1.0.16