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Digital photography webinars for beginners

Being new to the world of digital photography, and after I bought my Sony A6000, I immediately started looking for webinars in order to learn how to shoot in manual mode.

Below you will find some suggestions which I believe that can cover all the basic knowledge needed for a new-by to start with photography:

Photography: Ditch Auto - Start Shooting in Manual


This is a free Udemy webinar that covers the basic stuff. I haven’t watched the whole set of videos, but only a selection (mainly covering the basics of exposure) and I can’t express an accurate opinion. However, it’s almost the only free webinar online and this is the reason it’s included in this list.

Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography


This is another Udemy webinar. Its current cost is 12€. It was the first webinar I chose and I went up to chapter 7. It covers most of the basics. It’s very easy but the reason I did not continue was that it didn’t go as deep as I wanted.

However I believe that it’s the best on this list for someone that has no idea on what digital photography means.

Phlearn - Photography 101


This is by far the best webinar I have found so far. They offer two payment options: one monthly (14.95$/month) and a one time purchase (94.99$). The instructor, named Aaron Nace is a very talented guy with the ability to teach from the easiest to the most complex subject in a way that everyone understands.

I haven’t finished with it yet, but I am currently in the last sections.

In conclusion, if you can afford the money and have a slight idea (in order to enjoy it even more) on what digital photography is, you should definitely try Phlearn.

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