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An adblock list for rooted Xiaomi smartphones (and more)

3 months ago I decided to install and use pi-hole on my Odroid C1+. Using rooted Xiaomi smartphones for years now (my latest is a Mi Max2 tablet), I decided to keep an eye on Xiaomi urls that pi-hole blocked from my device and create a hosts file for Adaway so that I can have the same rules enabled when not using wifi at home. Who wants device manufacturers to spy anyway?

This is how and why the following list was created:

Although my initial thought was to keep this list focused on Xiaomi urls (I have also included plenty of Xiaomi urls found online), I expanded it so that it includes various additional URLs that my phone kept communicating with.

The list above can be used both an Adaway and pi-hile host source.

Feel free to fork the following repo:

modify the tp-adblock.txt file and send me your suggestions back so that I include them on the list!

#xiaomi #pi-hole #adblock #adaway