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pls files for Athens (Greece) FM Radio stations

This post is about something I wanted to create for years: a complete .pls set for Athens (Greece) FM Radios. Two months ago I found a very interesting m3u file (by dennmtr) on which I based my work and created the following GitHub repository:

How to use these pls files with Archphile

Its’ pretty easy! I have created a very small script that does the job. All you have to do is the following (the first command starts from wget and ends at /

chmod +x
mpc update

This script will delete the existing files and download the latest ones from GitHub.

EDIT: 0.99.73 is missing unzip which is required by arf script. In order to install unzip, edit mirrorlist:

nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

enable the first server line, save and then install unzip command:

pacman -Sy unzip

Now you ’re ready to follow the initial procedure.

Note 1: It’s obvious that most of these web radios are garbage. Use at your own risk!

Note 2: Apart from Archphile, these files can be used with almost any other player out there.

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