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How to quickly convert your FLAC album to mp3 with whatmp3

Even though all my music library is 99,99% flacs, there are times when I need a quick .flac to .mp3 conversion (for example to put music on the smartphone for running purposes).

The best and tool I have found so far, is whatmp3, that uses lame to do the conversion.

In order to install it in Archlinux, I got it from AUR:

yaourt -S whatmp3

As a last step, I (re-)installed lame :

pacman -S lame

The use of whatmp3 is pretty easy:

whatmp3 --320 your_flac_album_dir

or even better:

whatmp3 --V0 your_flac_album_dir

and after a while, the new directory with the mp3 files will be ready to use!

All supported mp3 qualities are:

--320                 convert to 320
--V0                  convert to V0
--V2                  convert to V2
--V8                  convert to V8
--Q8                  convert to Q8

but I always use V0 (for various reasons that will be explained in another post).

What is really nice about whatmp3, is that it respects the directory naming scheme I use.

All my FLAC directories are like the one below:

Artist - Album (year) [FLAC] {Release Information}

When whatmp3 finishes with the V0 conversion of this album, the output directory is automatically named:

Artist - Album (year) [V0] {Release Information}

Note: whatmp3 can do many more than a FLAC to mp3 conversion. Just install and type:

whatmp3 --help

to see what you can do with this nice tool!

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