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Fuji X-T20 Eterna film simulation or Capture One

Eterna, is a film simulation, introduced by Fuji along with the release of their camera Fuji X-H1.

It’s a very neutral profile, mainly targeted to videographers, but it’s also a very nice choice for photographers that prefer a neutral starting point for further color grading and post processing in general.

Capture One doesn’t come with simulations for Fuji cameras, so until today, C1/Fuji users cover their need for Fuji simulations (Provia, Velvia, Classic Chrome, etc..), using community profiles.

Unfortunately, Eterna is not included in the above collection. However, after a web search, I found a really nice version of this profile made by jctay.

So, I decided to pack it and include in the download section of this website:

In order to use it, download it, unzip it and place the profile to:

for windows:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Color Profiles

for Mac os X:

Macintosh HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles


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