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How to add soft hyphenation on Kindle e-books

One of the major “issues” with kindle, is how much its hyphenation capabilities suck, especially, when an e-book is not specifically made for kindle and it’s converted from an .epub file (as most of my e-books are).

However, the community (SauliusP to be more specific) gave a solution to this, with a calibre plugin named Hypenate This!


  1. Download and install the plugin in calibre:

     Preferences -> Plugins -> Load plugin from file
  2. Download a hyphenation dictionary

  3. Add the dictionary to Hyphenate This! plugin:

     Hyphenate (top toolbar) -> Settings -> Add dictionary (oxt or dic)


Let’s say that we have an e-book in .epub format and we want to prepare it for our kindle. The procedure we have to follow is the following:

  1. Add the .epub to calibre (by just dragging and dropping it)

  2. Press the Convert Books (top toolbar) button and convert the e-book to .azw3 format

  3. Select the e-book from the list and press the Hyphenate button (top toolbar)

  4. Select the AZW3 option and press OK

After the steps above, our e-book is ready to be transferred to kindle.

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