A nice font collection for your e-book reader

Happy new year everyone!

During the Christmas holidays, I spent some time trying to find an alternative to Bookerly font, which I have been using on my Kindle Paperwhite since day one.

After trying a lot of different alternatives, I ended up with the following ones, which you can download and test them yourself:

If you use a Kindle, just unpack the zip, and put the fonts inside the “fonts” folder.

If you don’t have a Kindle and want to use the best kindle font on your e-book reader or app, you can get it using the following link:

As I am writing this words, the font of my preference is Linux Libertine.

In the screenshots below, you can see the difference between Bookerly and the rest of the suggested fonts:


Bookerly Sample

Linux Libertine

Linux Libertine Sample

Google Literata

Literata Sample

Noto Sans

Noto Sans Sample

Charis SIL

Charis SIL Sample

Bitter ht

Bitter ht Sample