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Ricoh GRII, Capture One, and lens corrections

I have been shooting with a Ricoh GR II for the last two years. The GR II has an amazing (for the money) wide lens that produces very sharp images but it also has some distortion that can affect the look of specific photographs.

Rico’s RAW files make a great combo with Capture One, but since day one I noticed that the latter does not apply any lens correction. When a GR II RAW (.DNG) is opened with C1, the lens correction section by default is like below:

Ricoh Lens Correction 1

The GR II has minor differences when compared with its predecessor Ricoh GR and both of these cameras share the same lens. So, a quick and effective workaround to correct the distortion is to use the C1 preset made for the GR:

Ricoh Lens Correction 2

Note that these settings can be saved as a preset and that this preset can also be set as default for files from this camera. However I still prefer to apply it manually.

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