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MyEnglishGreekDict - a free English to Greek dictionary for Kindle

I have been reading books on my Kindle devices since 2018, mainly using the English to English dictionaries that come installed with them.

One year ago, the guys behind freeeneldict, decided to release a new version of their English to Greek dictionary and since then I’m a big fan of their work. Although it provides translations for only 15k words, their selection is amazing, making this a really nice tool for advanced English speakers.

Recently, searching on Mobileread for Kobo devices and their dictionaries, I found this English to Greek StarDict dictionary (thanks shak3800!). This one provides translations for approx. 49k words, so I decided to create a fork and give it a try.

Original author and information

version	2.4.2
wordcount	48527
synwordcount	45198
idxfilesize	896658
author	Giannacoulis George

About the author

Unfortunately I can’t find a lot about George Giannacoulis (who I thank A LOT for creating this dictionary!), apart from an archived version of his website:


Until today it has been impossible to find any information with regards to the license of the original work and I assume that it was most probably unlicensed.

However, this fork is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Creation how-to

For the creation of this dictionary, I used the following procedure:

  1. I converted the StarDict dictionary to tabfile format (txt), using pyglossary.
  2. I created the opf and html files with tab2opf.exe (using -utf option) from I ran this tool under Linux, using Wine.
  3. I edited the opf and html files using a text editor.
  4. I created the mobi file with kindlegen for Linux.


Installation instructions

  1. Connect your Kindle with your Laptop/PC.
  2. Copy to /documents/dictionaries folder.
  3. Unmount, disconnect and restart your Kindle.
  4. Don’t use it as your default dictionary - having an English to English as your default one, ensures that your Kindle will use it as a fallback solution. Instead, choose “My English to Greek Dictionary” from within the book you are currently reading.


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