How to properly set up your Sony A6000 camera (Part II)

Further to my first post regarding the Sony A6000 configuration, below you will find some additional interesting youtube videos that will help you properly configure various focus settings.

Manual Focus  


Manual Focus & Eye AutoFocus  

Back Button AutoFocus  


Toggle between Autofocus and Manual Focus  


I highly suggest you to try the back button autofocus technique, using the AEL button!


How to properly set up your Sony A6000 camera (Part I)

During my summer holidays, I decided to buy my first digital camera. After a thorough market research, I finally chose one of Sony’s best sellers: the Mirorless A6000. Having no idea about all the settings I had to deal with, I started googling for days, wathed various youtube videos, read blog posts, articles etc. Below you will find some of the best videos I found on youtube that helped me customize my A6000 and begin trying to learn how to shoot in manual mode: